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Remember those vibes I asked for a few weeks ago? Well...

DH finally got the job offer last week and it took several days to work out the details but we are moving.  Again.  To Austin.

I'm actually very excited about moving to Austin.  However, this is just really, really bad timing.  We still have so many details to work out but here's the plan so far:

This Wednesday DH will drive one of the cars out with the 2 cats.  He'll stay there with my brother and househunt (hopefully finding a place for us) and then fly back on Christmas Eve.

Sunday (day after Christmas) the packers will come and pack up the house.

Monday morning DH will fly back to Austin for his first day on the job.  The movers will load the truck and be on their way.

Tuesday morning Caroline and I will fly out with my mom. 

This means I only have a little more than a week left here.  The perinatologist wants to see me one more time before I leave just to make sure everything is good.  I'm going to call an OB/GYN in Austin tomorrow tro set up an appointment with her ASAP so I can get established with her practice.  Hopefully we'll be able to get a hospital tour in sometime soon.

I meet with the moving company tomorrow morning and I really hope they will be able to accomodate our short notice on the move.  I also really hope that DH finds a decent place for us to live.  Otherwise we may have to shack up with my bro for awhile and there's too many of us to do that. 

Needless to say I am super stressed right now.  Oh, and I'm hosting Christmas dinner for DH's family.  Yay!Indifferent

For those of you keeping track (and those of you who can't keep up), this is the 2nd major move for us this year (pregnant both times.)  Texas will be Caroline's 3rd state to live in.  The 3rd move for DH and I since we've been married (and it's only been 2 1/2 years.)  He has promised me this will be it for a long time.  I told him the next time he wants to move it will have to be back to SoCal. 

Onward and upward!

ETA:  Please keep this off FB for the time being.  I have a few friends I want to tell in person on Tuesday.

Re: Remember those vibes I asked for a few weeks ago? Well...

  • I saw your FB status today and wondered if some decisions had been made.

    Sounds like a busy, busy time....but, I hope it will be an easy road for you. 

    Katy and Brett ~ Runaway Bay, Jamaica ~ October 4, 2008

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  • Shannon, I am glad that things worked out. This will be a good move for you. Hopefully all the timing will work out better than you expect. Best of luck finding a house.
  • Wow...that's a lot. Good Luck with everything!
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  • Holy freaking crap!  My head is spinning from just reading this!  I wish i was close by to help you out.

    Christmas dinner would be canceled in my book, haha.

    And CONGRATS to your hubbs!!!

  •  First off, major congrats to your DH!!!

    Wow, I am tired just from reading everything you have going on. Lots of vibes for a smooth moving process. I wish I was closer to help out. 


    Nicole and Michael~Las Vegas~May 31, 2008
  • wow - that's all coming together QUICKLY!!  Good luck with the move and more importantly, with the doctor search!!  Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly!!
  • Wow. That's a lot of moving. Congrats on the new job. It sounds like this is a good thing for you guys, aside from the chaos. I hope everything transitions very, very smoothly for you guys!
  • Yay for moving to Austin! That is a lot of moving but hopefully this will be it for a while. I know a couple realtors down there if you need one Smile
  • It sounds like this a great thing for you guys. Good luck with all the details. I hate moving, so I can't imagine going through it so many times in a few years. Hope this is the easiest one yet.
  • WOW!   That's a lot in a short time!  Good luck with everything and try to get a little rest too!
  • Wow, congrats to your DH! Sounds like you have a busy week ahead of you. Good luck on your move
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  • Wow, that's a lot of stuff to do! Congrats to your hubby and try not to stress out too much.
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  • Yowza!  Sending you :::VIBES::: that everything with moving and transitioning goes as smoothly and as unstresful as possible.  Good luck and congrats to your DH!
  • Wow you are wonder woman! GL getting everything done, I hope eveything goes smoothly (((hugs)))
    ~Kimberly & Eric~ April 21, 2008 ~Tensing Pen ~ Negril, Jamaica ~ My Blog: One Sunset at a Time
  • GL with the move! and major congrats to your DH!!
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