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Any automatic cat litterbox owners here?

If so, which one do you own & would you recommend it?  If not, why & which one do you want?

Re: Any automatic cat litterbox owners here?

  • We had one until our cat went to live with my dad because of DH's surgery.  Not sure of the brand- I just went to see if we still had anything with the brand name on it, but no such luck.  Sorry. 

    I know ours was expensive but worth it.  It was the kind where you just buy trays to put inside so you never actually have to clean it out- just remove the trays. 

  • I have a littermaid. It is ok. You still have to scoop the litter some, and the litter falls underneath it when it scoops itself. I clean it twice a week, we have 2 cats. It is the second one I have had, but I think if it dies I will get a regular one, but then again I haven't cleaned a regular litter box since 2003 so maybe I have forgotten what I'm missing Wink
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  • Thanks gals!  I have also been looking at LitterMaid since CatGenie has some serious bad reviews & is a bit more affordable....I really love the idea of CatGenie but the abundance of negative reviews is swaying me elsewhere!
  • Oh Annie, I am so glad that DH didn't see this post.  He would run out and buy one since that is his chore too.
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