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I'm washing clothes

for the baby.  I went through and pulled what I could from DS's stuff that was "green" and now I want to go shopping.  I at least need to get socks and some comfy sleepers.  I can only find 2 swaddling blankets too.  How does stuff disappear that is clearly labeled in a bin that hasn't been touched for 2 1/2 yrs??  The "gear" covers are also getting washed (car seat, boppy, etc). 

Hope I am doing this cause I am bored and not nesting.


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Re: I'm washing clothes

  • I'm trying to get all that done this weekend, I really put things off!
  • I'm washing too. I feel too huge and uncomfortable to go out and do anything else.
  • I've been washing....

    and washing.....

    and washing.....

    and it never seems to end. LO isn't even here yet! 

  • I'm starting to get all that done as well. I also lost a few things like the crib soother. I also had to go out and get more sleep sacs since I only have one in his size from dd. And he may need blankets since dd plans not to share hers. But at least all the clothes are washed and I'm going to do the gear stuff in a little bit so it's all done. I only have about 3 weeks before my c-section and feel I'm cutting it close.
  • I have a strong desire to wash everything now that our nursery is done and ready to be decorated/set up, but I have no baby detergent and keep forgetting to pick it up when I am out and about... so I keep going through all the clothes and checking tags for special wash instructions, sorting by size, then by color, then back to size... my MIL says I am nesting, but really I am just antsy to have it washed so I can put it in the dresser and have it out of the way.  My house is too small to have all this baby stuff just lying about!!  Plus, I love looking at it all again because the little outfits are just so cute.  :)
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  • Haha- did most of it already. Although I do keep going back and reorganizing... hanging some stuff up, then rearranging again, then deciding I don't want this hung up, I want that hung... I'll figure it out sooner or later. ;)
  • Lol, I'm washing too...i was lying awake last night stressing about the fact that my bag isn't packed for the hospital, because i haven't washed any of baby's things yet...it took everything i had not to get up at 3am and start doing laundry:)
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  • I've already got all of the clothes, blankets, and everything done.  I have everything sorted by size and put away.  I really don't have anything left to do other than sterilize the bottles and nipples in case breast feeding doesn't work out right away. 
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