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transporting pump parts

It seems like a small detail, but how do you transport your pump parts between work and home?  I leave my pump at work during the week, but need to bring parts back and forth to be washed.  I've been using a quart size ziploc bag for the parts but that seems so wasteful.  
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Re: transporting pump parts

  • I am using Ziploc bags too. I never thought of tupperware. That is such a better idea.


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  • Why cant you rinse out the ziploc? as long as you are washing the parts I don't see why that would be an issue.
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  • tupperware

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  • We have a lactation room at work and I'm the only one using it. I leave my pump parts in the fridge attached to 8 oz bottles all day. I bring my capped bottles home at night in a soft cooler with an ice pack along with my pump (I throw everything in a large shoulder bag). My horns stay in the fridge and come home with me a few times a week to be washed and sanitized. As long as they stay in the fridge they are fine. I have an extra set of horns at home and tons of bottles. It's sooo much easier than washing between uses or bring them home and washing them before pumping again.
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  • Thanks for the ideas.  I'll try either a wet bag or tupperwear.  I try to pack things up neat and tidy, since I commute by subway.... I don't like to carry too much stuff.  I also leave the horns in the fridge and only wash them at night, not in between uses throughout the day.
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