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Oops- more inadvertent drama today

I have been working from home for the last week or so b/c it's just too much to keep going all the way into the office.  Well, I usually check in with DH a couple times throughout the day either thru email or phone or whatever.  But I was really busy tying up loose ends for work and just forgot to check in.  I had told him that I would probably pick Gavin up from daycare around 2 or 2:30 but I didn't actually even leave the house until almost 3 pm.  I should have called DH but it just didn't occur to me.  Well, apparently my iphone is broken.  When I came out from daycare I finally picked up my phone and I had missed 27 calls from DH and my mom!!!  Talk about panic- I thought something terrible had happened.  Well, apparently they thought the same thing about me not answering my phone.  So my mom called the police to come to my house to check on me!  Of course, I wasn't here so they just confirmed that my car was gone and called my mom back to let her know that the house was empty.  She and my dad were already on their way to Gavin's daycare to pick him up and DH left work to come home and check on me.  They both were so scared and it totally got me upset and flustered and I am so embarassed that the police actually came to my house!  I don't know wth is wrong with my phone.  The ringer is turned on and it was sitting right beside me all day long.  It never rang.  So DH is going to try to update it tonight and see if that fixes it and then I am under strict orders to call him hourly for the next 2 days or just to go stay at my parents house so that they can properly supervise me.  This is getting crazy. 






Re: Oops- more inadvertent drama today

  • ugh, that totally reminds me of when I called my DH 27 times to let him know I was being admitted to the hospital at 35 weeks.  My BP and pre-E symptoms spiked while he was about an hour away at a soccer tournament.  I was so pissed off that I had to get my mom to drive me to the hospital.  Hang in there, I know everybody is telling you that, but you're SO close!!!
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  • My husband is replacing his Iphone because he is having the same type of problem. :(

    I'm sure they were relieved that you were okay, that kind of stuff is scary when you don't know whats going on. 

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  • Pregnesia at its finest.   I'm sure they were so relieved that everything was ok. 

    One day when I was like a day overdue, I went shopping and forgot to bring my phone.  My husband called me a million times, then my neighbors, my friends everyone.  When I got to my friends house I called him and he was majorly PO'd at me!  

  • Oy.....you will laugh later, but oy.
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    Oy.....you will laugh later, but oy.
    I was thinking the same thing.  You poor thing!!  My phone (while not as cool as an Iphone) has been doing the same thing.  I am always missing calls and it likes to change the ringtone on its own.  Sometimes I think these stupid "smart" phones are worthless.  I seriously miss the days of simply texting and calling!  


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  • LOL! I saw the police pull up to your house, glad you are OK.  I totally knew it was something like this :)  Must be hard for your husband working so far from you this close to your due date :) 
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