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Help me decipher my OB appt?

Hi ladies,

I just returned from my OB's office. I hadn't been in that office since the day in April when they said "no heart beat." So yeah, it sucked.

I made an appointment to ask about all my pre-AF spotting.  She did an ultrasound and confirmed that I ovulated.  She also measured my uterine lining (said it was "okay") and drew blood to test progesterone levels. (Even though the timing wasn't great.  I think I am 8 or 9 DPO based on my CBEFM.)

She wants to do a monitored cycle next month -- so I guess that is good.

Here is my "crazy-lady" question:  While looking around my uterus (trans vaginal ultrasound) she said that the lining looked okay, no fibroids and  "I don't see anything hiding in there."  I said "you mean embryos?" and she said "No."

Do you think she meant "No, I don't see any embryo" or "No, I don't mean embryos" ???  I was flustered and did not ask her to clarify.  Is it even possible to see something at 9 DPO?

Re: Help me decipher my OB appt?

  • Dang I would be going nuts if I were you to. I'm not sure what she meant, or what is possible to see that early. Sorry!
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  • I think she ment no nothing hiding. As if you took the blood today to see if you ovulated even if you did implant the baby would be so tiny ( the size of a seed) that it would not even show up on a ultrasound.

    I know this because When I was in the ER for cysts that burst and they were doing an ultrasound of my ute to see what was causing the pain (18 golf ball cysts in my left overy) they never saw anything in my ute. I found out 3 days later I was pregnant with triplets.

    I hope you do find out your pregnant though.

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  • 18 golf ball sized cysts!?!??!  Isn't the ovary only golf ball sized itself?!  That means your ovary was like 19x its normal size. You poor thing. That had to hurt like he11!!
  • Ugh that's frustrating.  I think, despite her awkward wording, I would take it to mean she doesn't see anything hiding.

    9 DPO is still early so hopefully something was hiding.

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  • It's good to know I've got company on the pre-AF spotting front! I would take it to mean that she didn't see anything hiding, but as others have said, she wouldn't have been able to see an embryo at this point anyway. GL!
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  • I think she meant "No I didn't mean embryos" but I don't think she would have been able to see one on the u/s yet even if it was in there.
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  • Wow that would drive me crazy too.
  • I love the one-word answer.  Thanks doc - that's so helpful.  And...what does "ok" mean.  Is that a big ol' Yes - or does that mean that it's adequate but not ideal?  Argh.  Sorry it's been such a harsh day for you!  ((HUGS))

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  • imagejertie:
    I love the one-word answer.  Thanks doc - that's so helpful.  And...what does "ok" mean.  Is that a big ol' Yes - or does that mean that it's adequate but not ideal?  Argh.  Sorry it's been such a harsh day for you!  ((HUGS))


    Tell me about it!! I think "okay" = "not great."  poo.

    And you TOTALLY nailed the "vibe" of the appointment.  The only time she spoke in anything but a monotone voice was to tell me about her 17 week old son.  FML!

  • she doesn't sound very nice. i would be thinking about switching docs. someone who is more willing to discuss my care and appears to have emotions like a typical human being.

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