Finally given the "reason" why I needed a c/s.... — The Bump

Finally given the "reason" why I needed a c/s....

CPD is what is written in my file from my old OB.  The OB I saw today told me that she read my chart and discharge notes from the hospital since I had mentioned no doctor could tell me why.   I don't understand why it took talking to 9 different doctors, including the OB who delivered my DD, before finally finding that out.  I don't know if it changes anything, but at least I now know what is listed in my file.  Yes, DD has a big head, but I still think it's position related.

Unless the dumbass doctors thought I was asking why DD had a big head...

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Re: Finally given the "reason" why I needed a c/s....

  • eh. a lot of doctors do that. it was more like a position thing and probablly could have been helped with forceps. That is what happened with my first son. 13.5" head!

    At least now you know and hope if makes you feel a bit better. I hope the next one is better for you ;)

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  • My c/s was for CPD but like you said, I think it was more likely from her position.  Did your records say anything about what position your baby was in?

    Thinking left occiput anterior thoughts for your VBAC :) 


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