The most positive thing I've been told so far. — The Bump

The most positive thing I've been told so far.

Hey all,

Hope everyone's holiday weekend went well. Wanted to post an update about my VBAC journey. Met with the head of OB at the hospital where I would like to deliver ( they are working to get VBAC by the beginning of the year) and she said, essentially, that there is no reason why I can't try to labor and deliver naturally. After six months of being told "no, probably not" or "you don't want a damaged or dead baby" blah blah blah, it is such a relief to know there isn't something wrong with me. I have the "right" type of incision, I've been watching my weight gain, and so far my BP has stayed my normal low.  The only downside, if they don't get it back in time, I will have to deliver in Boston, not the worst thing, but definitely a much more hectic drive to make in February. She didn't even schedule a rcs date, just told me I had until about 41 weeks and to avoid induction if at all possible.

Only hurdle now is to address my sugars. Had borderline GD last time, failed my one hour on Tuesday, go back on this Tuesday for the Three Hour. Possibly the most hated test ever, blah. But that, I know I can manage. Pre-E is what really knocked my out last time. Anyway, good luck to you all, and enjoy what remains of the weekend.

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Re: The most positive thing I've been told so far.

  • Yay!  That's great!  Sorry if you've already posted this many times...where are you delivering?  I'm in the Boston area, so I'm just curious :)  What is the alternative Boston hospital if they don't start doing VBACs before your delivery date?
  • That's great!  You must feel so much better.  :)

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  • That's fabulous! 

    I'm with you on the GD thing - although I don't have the 3-hr scheduled yet.  Had to do it last time, too - bleh.  I baked some cupcakes with DS today to celebrate, just in case I have it (didn't last time, fortunately) and can't do any Christmas cookie baking with him this year.  Good luck on your test!!

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  • Awesome!

    Where are you?  I live in MA as well, but will be delivering at W&I in RI.

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