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General C-Section Recovery Question (long)

Hi ladies,

I have a general recovery question for you (since introducing myself here I've found you ladies to be extremely helpful, so I hope you don't mind).

I'm almost 6 months postpartum.  In the past 2 weeks, I've noticed that sometimes after doing semi-heavy lifting (DS who is about 15 lbs, laundry, groceries), I'll feel a tugging sensation to the left of my belly button.  It's not a pulled muscle and it's not necessarily painful, but it's obvious and sometimes makes me stop in my tracks.  I can best describe it as a lurching sensation (stomach on a roller coaster) or how it felt when DS would roll around in utero.  

I mentioned it to my PCP last week and he said it's normal and that after pregnancy, especially a c-section, it takes a while for all the organs to fall back into place.  He said his wife is 2 years pp and still feels things shifting on occasion.  He told me that if it increases in frequency or becomes painful to give him and/or my OB a call.

So my questions are 1) did any of you experience this?  2)  If you did, how long did it last for?  3) At what point would you call the doctor?  I am not one to make a big deal out of things and hate calling the doctor unless absolutely necessary, but obviously want to make sure everything is okay.

Thanks in advance ladies!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Re: General C-Section Recovery Question (long)

  • I get that sensation somtimes too (or I did before I got pregnant again).  I felt it until I got pregnant (18 months after my c/s) and then maybe a little after that but I am not sure if it was that or baby.

    I think as long as it isn't painful I wouldn't call the dr.  For me it was more uncomfortable then painful.


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  • I don't think I've expericend that specifically. I have noticed other differences that I just attribute to my c/s. If I do any kind of ab workout, even not terribly strenuous, my abs are really sore. I also get these weird feelings like if gas is moving around. It's one of the real sucky things about c/s's. I also get a lot more painful cramping and ovulation pain post-c/s.
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  • I'm not sure I have felt exactly what you are describing, but sometimes I do feel like all the stuff in my belly is just not quite in the right place or like I have pulled something.  I also sometimes feel like I get air caught up under my sternum.  I think it's because I have some pretty bad abdominal muscle separation.  That can happen after any pregnancy, but I think it is especially common after a cesarean, since they have to physically pull your ab muscles apart during the surgery.  

    Do you know if your ab muscles are separated (diastasis recti)?  If they are, there are some exercises you can do to get them back together.  Of course I've been a total slacker and haven't done them.  Smile


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  • once in a while i still feel tugging but on the left side close to my incision, will slowly subside. My c/s was in 2007 and i feel the tugging once in a long while. hope this helps
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