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vbac after ectopic (long)

Hi!  I have a question, but first a bit of background -

I have a 2 year old who was delivered via csection after labor and dilating to 10 cm. Her heart rate was decelerating and got to a point where it was not coming up enough, so off to the OR we went. In the OR her heart rate stabilized, so c/s was not truly considered an emergency. They took their time and I had a pretty easy recovery. My DH was allowed to hold DD against my face while they stitched me up and I held her as I was wheeled out of the OR and nursed in the recovery room. All in all, I believe it was a decent c/s experience. At my follow up appointment my OB said I should attempt VBAC if we had any other children. 

Well, a year later I was pregnant and excited to try for a VBAC. Unfortunately, the pregnancy implanted on the incision/scar tissue from c/s.  I did not have a D&C since my OB wanted to preserve the integrity of my uterus as much as possible and worried a D&C would cause further damage.  The pregnancy was labeled ectopic and I was treated with methotrexate. After a very long period of being monitored and on and off bleeding, I was cleared to TTC again after 3 periods.  We began trying again in April.

 Now I am pregnant again and hoping this one sticks in the right spot and we have a new baby in July.  I have not had a chance to speak with my OB yet about the possibility of a VBAC, but wonder what effect my loss will have on her opinion on the possibility. I've had many studies of my uterus done while TTC and everything looks fine. I was told it has healed well.

So, finally, my question is - does anyone have any suggestions of research I could do ahead of my meeting with OB so I would know what questions to ask, especially about my particular situation? 


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Re: vbac after ectopic (long)

  • We have a very similar history.  My DS is 2 years old, had a c-section but not really considered an emergency.  We got pregnant last year just shortly after he turned 1....it was unfortunately ectopic.  I had surgery, lost function of my tube, and also treated with methotrexate.  I got pregnant with this baby 8 months after my ectopic surgery.

    My OB's (new from when I had DS and my ectopic) are aware of my history and have not had any issue with me trying for a VBAC.

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