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  • 1. Where and how?
    CD12 - feeling fine.

    2. If you work outside the home, do you have to go in at all this week? And if so, does your workplace do anything Thanksgiving-y?
    Yep - I'm in until Wednesday afternoon so I don't have to take any vacation days.  I'm totally stingy with my vacation days even though we get a lot of them.  :)  We have an all-staff meeting today, which totally blows.

    3. What's for breakfast?
    I had to take O into work to finish setting up stuff for the meeting, then over to the pedi for her 15mo appt, then drop off at daycare, then back to work, so I had a diet coke and a doughnut in the meeting.  Nutritious.

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  • 1.  Week 3 of BCP.  I am now pooped.

    2.  I work M-W.  I don't believe we're doing anything for Thanksgiving.

    3.  I did not eat breakfast, or lunch... 

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  • 1. 22+ months pp, 1st week of bcp

    2. I have to teach through Wednesday, but we're doing a bunch of fun Thanksgiving stories, crafts, and writing.  We'll have a little Thanksgiving feast in our classroom on Wednesday and make these adorable little turkey hats.  Cutest.thing.ever!  (After much looking, I can't find a picture from last year =(  )

    3. cereal

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