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Totally trivial vent

I realize this is totally trivial in the grand scheme of things, but I'm still annoyed so just bear with me while I ramble.

So we were supposed to have a showing today from 1-2pm.  Right in the middle of naptime... lovely.  I fed Zander a little late hoping that he would fall asleep in the car since there wasn't time to take a nap in his crib.  So, we ate lunch at 12:00 and were out of the house by 12:30.  It's me, Zander (who is NOT happy), and 2 dogs in the car just driving around aimlessly.  Zander pretty much refused to nap until 1:30 so he whined and cried for an hour while one dog slept and the other cried the entire time.  Needless to say, the 1 hr 45 minute drive to nowhere was not exactly fun for me.  

So anyways, we get home at 2:15.  It appears as though nobody was ever here, but it's hard to tell.  I unload the dogs, 2 crates, take Zander up to his crib in an attempt to continue his nap.  5 minutes later (at 2:25), the doorbell rings.  Yep, it's the showing... an hour and a half late!  Sigh...  I answer the door and tell them to give me just a minute while I load everyone up again.  Zander was pissed, I was annoyed and slightly embarrassed because I look like hell today and it's just kind of weird to see the people that are looking at your house.  Idunno why, they were the ones that were ridiculously late, but it was awkward as hell.  I mean really, if you're going to be almost an hour and a half late (or a minimum of 30 minutes late depending on how you look at it), how hard is it to call and say hey, we're running late.  Ugh... 

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Re: Totally trivial vent

  • not fun...Clark would not have been a happy camper with no afternoon nap or a nap broken up!!!   I hope they like the house and buy it then you wont have to worry about anymore showings!
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  • I'd be pissed too.  Have a chat with your realtor. 
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  • Selling a house is no fun and we did it last before we had E so I can't imagine doing it with little ones.  We have a dog and would take her out for showings and take walks or drive around and we got calls several times that the showing went longer or they were late and it's so annoying.

    It sucks because you're afraid if you turn down the showing you'll miss out on the people that would buy your house so you're totally at their mercy!

    Hope it doesn't happen to you again and your house gets sold quickly!!!

  • Our house was on the market for almost a year and this happened way more than it should have.  Or - we'd get everything in tip-top shape and leave the house, drive around for almost an hour and then get a call that they'd cancelled.  It was completely ridiculous and rude.  I can't tell you how many times I almost came unglued because this happened.  I'm sorry you're now dealing with it too.

    Good luck selling your house!  It took us a year, but it was perfect timing bc the house we bought had just come on the market!  I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  • that would tick me off. We went to a showing once where the lady mixed up the times. She was uber pissed off that we were like 4 hours late but when our realtor told her what time the showing was at she turned bright red. She confused our showing and the one for the next day.
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  • I would be really annoyed.  Dang it. I hope it doesn't happen again, or at least that they make you a good offer ;)
  • Ugh! I would be so frustrated! I hope these weren't the people who cancelled on ya Saturday.
  • I'm so glad that i wasn't living in my condo when it was being shown.  I"m not looking forward to trying to sell it again whenever.  I think a couple of mine were neighbors trying to sell their house snooping.
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  • :( sorry you had to go through that! not fun at all. 
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