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Possibly excited - re: hospital

I'm considering of switching hospitals because there's not always an OB or resident doctor on the birthing floor.  I just e-mailed the other hospital that is an option to ask about c/s and VBAC rates/policies, and they came back saying that they have a 85-96% success rate over the last year (I believe the range is the range throughout the various quarters).  I'm going to ask about how many were attempted as well. 

No bad VBAC policies - just what your doctor has decreed (my words - not theirs) and I like my doctor.

Still not super excited about changing (makes me nervous) but much more excited about seriously looking into it. 

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Re: Possibly excited - re: hospital

  • That's great news!!  I would definitely be excited too : )

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  • yayayayayayay! I hope it works out for you. Congrats.
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  • Yay for finding a supportive hospital!  I really believe this will make such a HUGE difference.  A supportive birth team/provider is #1 on the list, and #2 is definitely the birth environment IMO.  It sounds like you're making the right choice by switching!  Good luck!

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  • before i had ds (via c-section) i would have said liking your doc is most important.  now, going for a v-bac myself (hopefully soon!!) i know that the doc is barely there that day (except to "Catch" as my mom says!) and that the hospital can make all the difference.  good luck to you!
  • How exciting! I hope you come to a decision that you are happy with. :)
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