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Three months old!

Wow I cannot believe the babies are three months old.

They are still not STTN, but with their low birth weight I cannot be totally surprised.  (well I tell myself that to make me feel better!)  DH is about to take care of them solely at night because I work nights all of November starting Monday.  Poor poor DH.    

For those who are still pregnant....the days just fly by once your babies are here.  Take as many pictures as you can squeeze in because you'll wake up and realize how much they have changed before your eyes.

Happy Halloween MoMmas!

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Re: Three months old!

  • They are so darn cute!
    Prayers that they'll magically start STTN for your DH, and you get plenty of rest after your night shifts!

  • My long lost twin-twin!!! Long time no see. They are SO cute!!! Can't believe 3 months already. 

    How are you??? Hope you're hanging in there.  Just like everyone promised, things did seem to get easier here once we got past the 3 month mark.  Hopefully it will for you and DH too.  ((HUGS)) to you and those beautiful babies.  Happy Halloween!

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  • My babies aren't sleeping through the night either. So, you're not alone there. :-)

    Congrats on the three-month mark. My boys will be there on Friday.   

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  • They are darling!
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  • My boys just turned 3 months too, which completely flabbergasted me.  I miss my itty bitty babies!!!

    They are just darling!!!

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  • They're so cute! Can you believe it's already been 3 months?! The time sure flies by!
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