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3 year old preschool question

My DD started 3 year old preschool the week after she turned 3 (last March).  There was an opening and they were looking to enroll, so it worked out great.  The program was small, and she was the only girl with 8 boys who were almost 4 - she held her own quite well, and she is pretty smart.

Now she is 3.5 and in the new 3 year old session that started in Sept.  I'm seeing how different it is between her and a lot of the kids that are barely 3.  Her teacher said DD doesn't always pay attention during stuff like circle time.  I'm wondering if she is bored?  I guess I'm sort of asking, is it to be expected that there is such a big difference between 3-4?  Would it be normal for a kid to get sort of bored towards the end of a program?

For example, my daughter knows her ABCs, upper and lowercase, inside and out.. she can count pretty well, she is even starting to spell out/read short words.  But they of course really spend a lot of time drilling basic ABCs in school..  Any thoughts?  I'm not saying the program is bad - just saying she has gone from the first half where she was challenged, and maybe not so much now.

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  • I don't know if this answers your question, but I know 5 year olds who don't know all their letters yet.  My child is very much the same - she's 4 and can read many words, sounds out and writes words on her own, knows and writes upper/lower case, and can add and subtract simple numbers.  Since we can't push her ahead, I just had her switch rooms so that even the smallest changes (new teacher, new methods, same concepts) would keep her engaged.  It's worked so far.  Hope that helps - GL!
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  • I'm a preschool teacher and teach kids 3-5 all in one class. Some of the kids who have been there awhile definitely tend to get bored towards the end of the year. I do my best to keep them challenged and have different levels of the activities I have planned.

     It definitely sounds like your DD might be getting bored. I would talk to the teachers and see if they can give her some more challenging activities.

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  • It does sound like she could be bored. I second the idea of talking to the teacher to see if there are things they could do to keep her engaged/challenged, also a switch in rooms or even program might be what she needs. On the other hand, you may want to talk to your dd about being a good listener or respectful etc, throughout life there are times when any child is going to be board/not challenged and times when they are working hard to keep up.
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