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***Cajun_gal*** - RE: Clear Lake MDO

I just saw your post about MDO in the Clear Lake area.  I saw that you mentioned Clear Lake Methodist.  My son, who is 2, goes there (just started at the beginning of the month).  We don't send my daughter yet, who is 9 months old, but I just wanted to tell you we love it there.  He only goes Tue/Thu, but asks to go every day.  He is always excited to get ready for school! 

 I can't vouch for the other rooms, but from what I have seen all of the teachers there are very attentive and loving. 

Re: ***Cajun_gal*** - RE: Clear Lake MDO

  • Thank you!  That's probably where he'd go except there's no openings!  :(  We're on the waiting list with 2 ahead of us for January.
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