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Anyone else taking Prometrium (orally)?

My progesterone levels have been fluctuating over the past few weeks, anywhere from a 19 to a 10.3. Yesterday was when I got the 10.3, and my dr said not to worry, but of course, I worried and called her back and left a message expressing my concern.

This morning, she said she's not concerned about my levels, but as a precautionary measure, she prescribed me Prometrium, 200mg/day, pill-form/oral.

Anyone else taking these right now? Please share any tips or info.

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Re: Anyone else taking Prometrium (orally)?

  • I am, just make sure you take them at bed time.  They make me very sleepy.  
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  • Wow, I was coming here to post the same question!  I was just prescribed it today as well (100 mg/day-vaginally). 

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  • Hey, Meghan. Thanks for responding! Do you mind if I ask if they've increased your levels so far? Also, is there a reason your dr chose oral instead of vaginally?  Sorry to be a pest.

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  • Hey, Jess. I've done the vaginal ones before but not the I am finding I'm a little hesitant. 
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  • I am ~ I take (2) 100 mg pills a day.  I've been on it for 5 weeks now and so far, so good.  I take it at 9:30 am/pm.  I commute so I make sure I take it when I know I am at work and than right before bed.

    Not sure if it has magnified my symptoms or not, but all seems to be progressing well ~ my OB said she will keep me on it for the entire first timester.

    Good luck!

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  • I've taken prometrium during past pregnancies (including the one with my son.)  When I first started taking it it made me very sleepy.  It can also make you nauseous.  If the side effects are too much, try inserting it vaginally.



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  • Honestly, I don't know why I am taking them orally vs. vaginally.  I haven't actually seen my OB since they were prescribed (I see him tomorrow). As far as my numbers, I don't really know what is going on with those either. I've had my betas done 3 times, and they have only told me about my HcG levels.  I'm sorry, I can't help much.  
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  • Thanks so much for responding! I'm going to start taking them tonight, and my next dr's apt is on I'll let you know how my prog numbers look then.


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  • My doctor prescribed 200mg (orally) daily for me because my number was borderline low (17.9) and she said it wasn't hurting anything by taking them.  I take them about an hour before bed and I usually have no problem falling right to sleep.  I've read those that take them during the day feel like they are drunk.  One thing I have noticed is that I have been waking up every morning between 4-5 and toss and turn until my alarm goes off, and I didn't have this problem until I started taking the pills.

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  • I take them... 200mg orally my side effects were tossing and turning and very bad night sweating and hot flashes but now i take them first thing in the am and am much better! good luck... by the way mine levels were awesome yesterday!
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