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Halloween Treat Bags

DS just started Kindergarten this year so I'm trying to figure out the protocol for Halloween. 

 Are you sending treat bags with your DC for all of the kids in the class? 

DS's school is considered an "Apple" school( only healthy food allowed/promoted in the school), so I'm not sure if Halloween candy would be acceptable.  I was thinking of including 1 mini chocolate bar and a few dollar store Halloween toy itens( stamps, balls, stickers, etc) in the treat bag. Any thoughts?

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  • I think your idea is great.


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  • They also sell goldfish in halloween packs, though I wouldn't mind if my kids got a chocolate at school and we eat pretty healthy.
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  • I think your idea sounds great! I would just make sure to check with your DC's teacher first - I'm a teacher and our school has specific rules on treat bags, one being that no food is allowed to go home with kids (other than their own lunch leftovers), in or out of a treat bag. Might wanna check if you haven't already. I've felt so bad sending treats home to parents who have done such a nice thing all b/c of a school rule!
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  • In my kids' schools, they have a Halloween parade and party.  Parents in the class are asked to contribute two or three dollars, and one parent volunteer purchases snacks and favor bags for all the kids.  So, it's not the norm for kids to bring in treats for all their classmates.
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  • I would ask your child's teacher.  Around here, kids bring in 1 thing for each of the kids and that all gets passed out to the kids in class so not a whole bag. 
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  • They are having a party in DS's class and each parents signed up to send something in.  I'm not planning on sending anything extra.  They will have juice and cookies, which I think is plenty in light of what they will be getting that weekend. 
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