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Need Help Choosing a Dr.

I had my first baby at UHC... and was very unhappy with the whole experience there.  I am planning on having my second in Morgantown, but I don't want to just randomly choose a dr.  Who do you think is the best baby dr.?  Please share your advice and experiences and dr. names to help me choose... thank you!!

Re: Need Help Choosing a Dr.

  • Personally, I love the Women's Health Care of Morgantown. They have both midwives and doctors (you can choose which one you want, or you can cycle through everyone there), all of their testing is done is the same building so you don't have to drive all over the place, and honestly have the most caring, helpful, supportive environment I've ever found in a doctors office.

    Another great, awesome thing about them is they do deliveries at Mon General... Way better than Ruby. You don't have students running in and out, they're entirely just nicer to be around... (My sister gave birth at Ruby. The nurses were downright rude to her, literally the entire time.)

    She had gone through all of her appointments there as well, and was more than upset with the treatment she got there.

    If you do decide to go to Women's Health Care, I love Gail Rock. She's one of the midwives, and is just amazing. Things that I've had several other doctors become very upset with me for, she accepts and does constructive criticism, rather than just telling me that I'm messing up. 

  • I too use to go to a Dr. in Clarksburg, but after getting pregnant decided to switch because I don't like UHC and didn't care for the doctor I went to.  I go to Cheat Lake Physicians and see Betsy Miller & Kelli Neely [midwives] and I love, LOVE them!  I had my daughter at Ruby and did not have a bad time other than with one of the lactation consultants.  Betsy was the MW on call when I went in for my daughter and she ended up staying well beyond her shift to be with me, even when I ended up having to go in for an emergency C-section!  As for what the pp said I didn't have any student nurses and only a student anesthesiologist.  Everyone was great!  Nothing against MonGen though!  I've also heard good things about them!  HTH!
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  • I feel like i'm in the same boat. I've seen Dr. Craig Herring twice now. He's been really nice, but i'm a little nervous. I'm a pretty anxious person and I want to know facts. He's new so i'm not sure what to do. I do want to deliver at Mon General though. 
  • I really hated Women's Healthcare. I know a lot of people love them, but they were very disorganized. Out of the 5 appointments I had there, 3 were over an hour late. I also did not get much time for my appointment because they were running behind. I switched to Betsy and Lena at Cheat Lake. They also see patients at the POC by Ruby. They have been much friendlier and more organized than the group at Women's Healthcare.
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  • I like Women's Healthcare too.  They are a bit disorganized, but super friendly.  I think Midwives are the way to go.  They specialize in this afterall.  Although, I am bias as my Mother is a midwife in PA.  Also, midwives tend to prefer natural births.  All midwives I have met do everything possible before using invasive measures for delivery.  Good Luck!
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