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What are you getting DC for the holidays?

This was a question on the preschool board and I was interested to see what everyone is getting for the older kids.

My boys are getting new bedroom furniture (they share a room).

DS#1 is really into Legos, so I'll get him a couple sets and some new books. That's all I have on my list so far.

Re: What are you getting DC for the holidays?

  • We are getting our girls a Wii and play house for the LO's and a few outfits or barbies and maybe a new DS for DD#2. Since we are buying a few big gifts we are only getting a few gifts for them this year. Its either a big gift or two or lots of small gifts.

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  • Since I won't be working this holiday we are only getting our DD a new bicycle and maybe some games, arts & crafts and other little items. In the past she has gotten a Wii and an Ipod.
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  • Just some ideas...

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  • SS wants several of the Kung Zhu pets, and some Legos.  He'll get books, because I believe in giving books for every occasion.  We're trying to keep Christmas smaller this year, because he has SO many toys.


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  • DD wants an I-pod touch, but we have to look at this carefully.  We're not sure why she's asking for it and what she thinks she's going to do with it.  She's not that into music.  We don't really have a problem with the whole idea, but we don't want to get it for her if it's just something she has heard about at school and thinks is cool.

    Each of my kids has a different Wii game on the list.  DD just got her ears pierced, so I'm sure we'll get her some earrings.

    Both kids really like Legos and Playmobil, so we'll probably be getting them each a set they want.


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  • My DD wants (AKA has been nonstop begging) for this ....

    It's the American Girl Doll camper. But's about all of what we budget for her, so we'll see.  Other than that, we follow this "rule": Something you want (the camper), something you need (some more movies so she has them for longer car rides), something to wear (clothes!), and something to read (some books in Spanish). It really helps ME keep the gifts in control!!

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