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Sleep positioners - FDA Warning

My boss forwarded this link to me just a little while ago. 

Per Haley's pedi recommendation, we used a sleep positioner with Haley bc of her reflux (along with having the head of her mattress raised).  We use one now with Ashlyn too since she's got reflux just as bad as Haley had.  We've talked about taking it out of her crib since she rolls to her back anyway.  Now that this has come out, I think we'll try without it tonight.


Re: Sleep positioners - FDA Warning

  • bummer :/

    We used one with Andrew so he could sleep on his side because of his reflux too (also with agreement from pedi).  He kept waking up blue if we laid him on his back.  

    I can't imagine what we would have done without the sleep positioner.  I'm not saying I want to do something unsafe, but I'm not sure what the solution is.

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  • We didn't use one because I recall reading someplace that the jury was still out on their safeness, that being said we are still using a bumper in L's bed.  We used it in the being as a way to keep the dog from poking at her.  I have made a new one that she can't use as a step more to block light from her room once she's laying down.
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