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How involved are you at your kid's school?

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  • I'm always the roomparent for at least one of my DDs' classes.  I also volunteer in the classroom, library, and computer lab.  I go to all the parties for my younger two and most of the field trips. 
  • Before DS2 was older and DS3 was born I would help out at classroom parties, book fairs, and be a chaperon on field trips.  I went to one field trip last year.  I am not sure about this year though. 
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  • We have to volunteer at DS's school. You have to do lunch or recess duty, that's mandatory. If you can't, you have to pay a $50 fee or have someone cover it for you. (Yay private school. ha!) I also volunteer as the Technology Room Mom on Thursdays.
  • I volunteer as Art Docent, as well as what I consider the fun volunteer jobs. Every class party, I bring my camera (I'm a photographer), take pictures and put them on DVDs for the teachers. For school social events, I've volunteer to work a station. I'll also volunteer when they have research projects in the library. It's fun to help the kids find things in books and on the computer.

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