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Opinions of Chandler Regional Hospital?

Hi everyone....I'm fairly new to the boards here, and I'm in my 17th week of pregnancy with my 2nd child. I'm due in early March, and my OB/GYN only delivers out of Chandler Regional Hospital. I was perfectly ok with this, until recently.....my boyfriend came home from work last week and said that one of his coworkers had recently had her baby at Chandler Regional, and experienced all sorts of issues while there, and afterwards as well, ultimately resulting in her baby getting an infection from the hospital, and going into the NICU shortly after returning home. After asking around at work, some of his other female coworkers had heard other 'horror stories' about that hospital as well.

So now I'm really worried. I don't want to switch OB's when I'm already comfortable with the one I have, but I don't want to risk the health of my unborn child or myself, either.

Does anyone have anything to add to either help ease my fears, or help make my decision as to whether or not to switch doctors, a bit easier? Any comments are greatly appreciated. :)

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Re: Opinions of Chandler Regional Hospital?

  • Oh for the love SWITCH!! I had a c/s there last June 2009 and they are so small and the rooms are small and I could go on and on. My friend just had a baby at Mercy Gilbert. I would switch OBs and go there. Much newer and the rooms and staff were AMAZING! Trust me. For the next one I will be switching OBs and going there for sure. 

    You can PM me with any questions!!

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  • Hi,

    I realize you posted a while ago, so maybe you've gotten this figured out by now, but...

    I'm a doula in the area and while I haven't attended a birth there yet, I have heard a lot of negative things about it.

    It seems Mercy Gilbert comes very highly recommended. Often times, physicians will have privileges at other hospitals- have you asked your physician if he'd be willing to deliver somewhere else?

    You could go tour the various hospitals and see how they compare for you.

    I don't think you'll be putting yourself or your baby in danger by delivering at Chandler, you may just not have that great of an experience.

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  • I delivered at both Chandler Regional and Mercy Gilbert (twice). My only complaint about Chandler was the tiny postpartum rooms. The nurses were excellent. Mercy Gilbert was the opposite. The rooms were outstanding but I had an obnoxious nurse. I loved all of my other nurses at Mercy Gilbert, there was just one that drove me crazy. I would be fine delivering at either hospital again, but would choose Mercy Gilbert just so my husband could have a couch to lay on rather than a tiny little recliner that barely reclines.


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  • I'm planning on using Mercy Gilbert.  I've heard wonderful things about it - even that they are reasonably flexable with how you would like to deliver.  A friend of mine had 3 of her 5 kids there and highly recommends it.  Also, if you're worried about an OB, may I suggest Dr. Clint Leonard.  His clinic is called Morning Star OB/GYN.  He delivers at Mercy Gilbert.  I've been seeing Dr. Leonard as my GYN and now my OB.  I'd NEVER switch. 
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