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Any nutrition experts on?

How many servings of each food do kids need? Same as adults?

This is LO's menu, typically...

breakfast- a whole grain, a fruit, (adding milk next week)

snack- cheerios 

lunch-a veggie, a protein, cheese or yogurt

snack- fruit and crackers

dinner- whole grain, veggie, protein (will add milk next week)

Just looking for some feedback. He is eating a huge amount of food and I'm trying to give him the right stuff before he starts to get picky!

DS 8/29/09 (3yo) DD 11/29/11 (8mo)

Re: Any nutrition experts on?

  • In reference to your post title question... there are MANY women on this board who consider themselves to be experts in this topic. Big Smile
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  • hahaha, no I meant like pedi nurses, dieticians, etc!
    DS 8/29/09 (3yo) DD 11/29/11 (8mo)
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