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Postpartum Depression

Anyone live far from family?

In an effort to get this board moving, I'm going to make another post! I'm hoping that any moms with depression/anxiety regardless of it being pp or not can post here. As I said before, my depression seems to be returning after stopping during pregnancy and DS' infancy. Go figure. I live 60+ miles away from any family and I really feel like that effects my depression. I wondered if those that have family close by find that to be helpful with depression. I feel so alone and rely completely on mom's groups to get DS and me out of the house.

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Re: Anyone live far from family?

  • YES! I live three hrs from my family!  SO family is near by but they are older and not any help!  I am much happier when i am at home visiting my family and really wish they were closer!
  • I live roughly 3 days, roughly 1800 miles, away from mine and DH's family. Having family around makes a world of difference for me and I am greatly looking forward to getting back to my home.
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  • Dh lives 5 hours away and my family lives 8 hours away.  my psychiatrist keeps threatening to hospitalize me if i don't have someone move in with me.  But the whole point of staying here while DH is gone is so DS can go to school here.
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