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Does anyone use Costco formula?

I stopped by Costco today to pick up our Enfamil formula & noticed the Costco brand.  I compared the nutrition information and it looked like they were almost identical...


Re: Does anyone use Costco formula?

  • At my DCP they use Costco formula.  I know DD was supplemented with it for 2 months before they switched her to whole milk (the holidays wrought bad things with my pumping schedule).  For the most part, Costco has national brands make their Kirkland label products.  I know Huggies makes their diapers.  It would not surprise me that it was enfamil that makes their formula. 
  • Interesting...

    I use their brand diapers & really like them.  I ended up buying 4 jumbo cans of Enfamil, but maybe I'll talk to our pedi & try Costco when we run out (it's like half the price of Enfamil!)


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  • We used it with DD and I will use it again.
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  • We used Costco brand formula exclusively. If you look on the back of the Costco can, it shows you that the nutritional value is almost exactly the same as one of the name brands and it most certainly meets the FDA requirements (ETA: I just re-read your post an you already said that you did the comparison). A friend of mine that used both said the generic brands didn't dissolve as easily but that wasn't an issue for us. We used. Dr. Brown's Formula Pitcher to mix her formula which works great.

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  • I never tried switching to a store brand with the girls because they were so spit-upy already, but then with my little guy, he wasn't fussy at all, so I figured i'd give it a try.  Well, one week on the stuff and he was constipated (hard poops, from being very runny).  The only difference I saw in the ingredients, was that sugar was lower on the list in the store brand.  We gave it a few weeks and it stayed that way, so we switched back.

     I think it totally depends on the baby as to whether it will work, but as long as you are willing to possibly waste a can if it doesn't work, give it a try for a while and see how it goes....

    I was told by a friend that the Target, Walmart, and Costco brands are all produced by the same company.

  • I used Costco formula for DS after I weaned him at 8 months. Our ped said it was just as good as the name brand formula and we never had any issues. I used Target brand in a pinch a few times and it did not dissolve as well. 
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  • We didn't use Costco brand, but used Sam's Club brand and it was fine.  Their's was exactly like Enfamil.
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  • We used it for DS and think he was less gassy on the Costco brand than Enfamil or Similac.  Plus it is soooooooooo much cheaper!
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