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Has anyone taken their little to one? What do you think? I just got a coupon in the mail and may want to go to a free session....Also, do you know if it is a one time fee or a monthly fee? I have been looking on the website and I can't tell...

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  • My local library does "baby music" class every week, and it's free!  I've been to one of those.  It wasn't for me, LOL, but you might enjoy it?
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  • I took DD to Gymboree from 6 - 12 months.  She liked it!  DD is a bit of a shy kid, so it was good for her to come out of her shell a bit.  It was pricey ($61/mo).  We stopped going because the class times for her age level conflicted with other things in our schedule.  I really loved her teacher and do feel that DD really enjoyed the classes.  I enjoyed chatting with the other parents too!
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      It was pricey ($61/mo). 


    I knew that there was a hidden cost somewhere. Cause I looked on their website and it said nothing about a monthly fee just a sign up fee. I just dont have the money right now with me as the only income. Maybe it is worth trying out when she is a bit older.

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