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Prenatal Yoga and Pilates Classes in Ffld County?

Can anyone recommend a yoga or pilates prenatal class in Fairfield County?  I live in Fairfield so around that area would be great!

Re: Prenatal Yoga and Pilates Classes in Ffld County?

  • I live in Norwalk and was never able to find one :(
  • Hello! Yes, Elements Yoga in Darien has prenatal yoga.  I take the regualar yoga (b/c I'm only 4 weeks-- eek! Feels funny even to be posting something being so early).  Their regular yoga classes are wonderful though so I can only imagine that the prenatal is great too. I plan to take the class when I'm a bit further along.

    BTW- the prenatal yoga is one that I believe you need to sign up for (whereas you can just show up for the regular classes). You may want to call them. 


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  • thanks!  i'm 14 weeks so i really want to start the classes soon!  i heard of one in westport too -

    ever hear of it?

  • Never heard of it but looking through the website, it looks great (I also like how they have 2 options of prenatal yoga for pure beginners as well as those who have done yoga before). Prices are about the same as Elements but looks like they have some good deals for new clients! I may try the Greenwich one out!

    When do you think it's good to start the prenatal? I guess I could ask someone when I go for a class but I'm very cautious with telling anyone yet.


  • Black Rock Pilates in Black Rock offers pre-natal pilates.

  • I want to try prenatal pilates! Have you taken it?
  • I go to Yoga4Everybody in Fairfield and I really like it:


    I've been wanting to try Black Rock Pilates!!! It's so close and I'm really wanting to try something new.

  • I would second Yoga For Everyone in FF.  The instructor is extremely sweet and she offers a baby yoga class that I recommend once your LO is here.


  • Thanks for all the recs!  I am 21 weeks now and I am yet to sign up - ahhhh!!  What am I waiting for?  I am going to the gym almost every day but I am still really interested in a prenatal yoga class.  I heard it really helps!  I'm hoping to find a close one since I live in Southport.  Any other Southport Mommies out there?!  :)
  • Hi there,

    Check out; I just started their mommy and me yoga and I love it! They have a few locations around the one I've been going to is in Westport behind the Crate and Barrel. I did my prenatal Yoga in NYC as I was still commuting at the time.  

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