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18-20 weeks first ultrasound?

is anyone else getting the same time frame or is it just my doctors?

Re: 18-20 weeks first ultrasound?

  • Lots of doctor's offices are like that. I got one at 11 weeks and I'll get another one at 19 weeks. Sometimes it depends on what your insurance will pay for.
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  • That's what I figured and right now I'm pending on insurance. My ob called and I have my ultrasound on the 21st of September. I'm being positive by telling myself at least I'll see my baby and find out the sex in one shot!
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  • I had my first one at 7 1/2 weeks because of previous complications and then my next one wont be until 19 weeks
  • had my first u/s at 7.5 weeks b/c i had previous miscarriages.  my next u/s appt will be at 19 weeks.  i asked about will i be able to see the baby sooner and they said only if i was going to have testing done, which i'm not.  I did get to hear the heart beat at 10 weeks so as long as i get to hear the heart beat tomorrow at my 14 week appt i can wait. though its hard.
  • oops i forgot that i had already posted sorry.
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