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Baby Shoes-vent

Through out my pregnancy, my Mom seems to be the one with the crazy pregnancy hormones.  She is constantly telling me how I need to raise my unborn son.  She forgets I am the one with the Early Childhood Education degree.  Lately, she has been on a kick about baby shoes.  My feelings are if people want to buy Gavin (LO's name) shoes, they can.  I am not going to buy them until he is beginning to cruise or walk.  She insists I need them to protect his feet.  From what? My chihuahuas licking them?  Then she moves on to how I have to get his first shoes bronzed.  Another thing I am not interested in.  She and my Dad had mine bronzed and they are currently at my Dad's house collecting dust. 

Does anyone still get their child's shoes bronzed anymore?  Am I depriving Gavin?

Re: Baby Shoes-vent

  • I don't know anyone buy DH's grandfather who has his or her baby shoes bronzed, personally, but I think it is a cute idea.  If your mom is willing to pay for you to have them bronzed, I'd let her, though.  It is kind of cute.  When we go to DH's grandpa's house they're out on the table and it is kind of cool to see them.

    In regards to buying shoes.  DS won't wear them.  She kicks and screams when I try to put sandals or shoes on her.  She is okay with socks, but hates shoes.  I don't know what I will do in the winter- hopefully she will grow out of this and won't put up a fight.  I don't make her wear them though now.

    On a side note, when I was a baby, my dad's mom kept insisting that I wear the most expensive baby shoes and my parents just couldn't afford them.  She'd always tell my mom, "You better buy her the best or she will end up with flat feet."  Of course, I coincidentally ended up with flat feet and my mom has told me I'm sworn to secrecy on that from my grandma :-)

  • I feel the same way as you do about baby shoes. They are not walking yet, they don't need them. If someone else buys them I may use them every once in awhile but until walking age socks will do just fine in my eyes.I giggle every time I see someone buying many pairs of them because I just do not see the worth. As for the bronzing I only know of my grandfathers being bronzed but it is a cute idea if someone else offers. Ive also seen mommies use the "first pair" as car charms on their rearviews.
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