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StrideRite vs. PediPed vs. See Kai Run

Which do you prefer for new walkers?  I bought Stride Rite for both DD1/DS1, but wasn't aware of PP/SKR.  

I need to get E & G some shoes because they are starting to take a few steps.  I have  a few pairs of 'fun' shoes from Natalie (Gabi is a size 3ish and Nat wasn't walking at that size) and Gabi really hates all of them.  I bought Eli a pair of soft soles (not Robeez, but more like the Smaller line from SKR) at Target but they are getting too short.  

So, which do you like best?


Re: StrideRite vs. PediPed vs. See Kai Run

  • #1 had all StrideRite and I was very pleased with all of her shoes.  #2 got Stride Rite and Pediped.  Loved them both.  The pedi's seemed to have a softer sole like Robeez (sp?) but more support.

    I've never had any SKR's but from the pictures I've seen, they're adorable! 

  • I've had all three but I think See Kai Run are my favorite.  They are so soft and so flexible-but the soles are good for walking where Pedipeds can be a little slippery.  Plus I like the styles a lot better than what I see at Stride Rite. 

    I love Pedipeds for the still crawling but pulling up stage-just because they are super cute. :)

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    I love Pedipeds because they are so soft they are basically like being barefoot, which is best for learning how to walk. I also found they held up really well, even when walking outside. The pairs DS wore still look almost new. I also like SKR's and he had a pair, but they are super wide, Pedipeds are much more narrow so they worked better for his skinny feet. I have never bought any StrideRite because I don't think they are as cute and the other brands worked just fine for us.
  • Oh also, Clarks have some super cute walker shoes.  Not available in all stores, but they are adorable and comfy.  DD had a pair of clarks for preschool and they held up SO well.  I assume the littles would hold up well, too.
  • I really prefer the Robeez-style shoes until they are better walkers. When they are still going from crawling to walking and back again a lot, the soft-soled shoes can't be beat. Once they walk more than crawl, I like Pedipeds. I didn't move onto firmer-soled shoes until after their 2nd birthdays.
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  • I've only used Stride rite and SKR... the SKR fell apart!  I don't know if I have bad luck, but I had to hot glue the lining back into ds' boots after just 2 wears.  I won't buy them again.  another friend and another nestie commented they had that problem with some of their shoes too.  this was winter '08/'09.   bff bought pedipeds for her dd and loves them. 
  • We are a pediped family and I love them. BTW they had ones for $15 on their webesite the other day, I bought DS 5 pairs for the price of two:)
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