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adult vaccines

did any of you get a vaccine for whooping cough or any booster shots? Our pedi suggested it.

Re: adult vaccines

  • My last tetnus shot (3 years ago) was a DTAP which included the whooping cough booster.  DH is getting a booster in a few days.
  • i have only gotten a seasonal flu shot the past couple of years since i was pregnant during both flu seasons and i work with the public quite a bit.
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  • This Fall DH and I will both get the DTAP and combined H1N1/seasonal flu shots per the rec of DD pediatrician.
  • I had the TDAP a year ago and SO got it on tuesday....the nurse in the newborn clinic suggested SO get it done. my mom went to get it but she had a cold so they didnt give it to her. but she is getting it. 



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