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What's on your list?

Torte and fill cake.

Decorate cake.

Finish Brisket for band dinner tonight.

Finish laundry.

Wash play mat.

Wash dog bed (joys of a new puppy).

Wash puppy.

Target run.

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Re: To-do's

  • Strip beds and wash all towels and linens

    OB apt


    Make applesauce with DD

    Make cupcakes with DD

    plan an impromptu surprise party for DH (just the 3 of us) to celebrate DH's job offer

    make congrats card for DH with DD

    put laundry away

    wrap gifts for cousin

    take gift to post office

    make grocery list and meal plan for week


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  • Put away the piles of laundry in my bedroom.

    Vacuum and dust the downstairs and Eva's room.

    Go out to dinner to celebrate DH's and my five year anniversary!  :) 

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    Unload & reload the dishwasher - Done

    Make bed

    General tidy up of the house

    Have pedi- Done

    Make a quick stop at CVS for Milk- Done 

    Take DH to airport, he's will be in England for an entire week! 


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  • Unload dishwasher- Done

    Reload dishwasher- Done

    Wipe down kitchen counters- Done

    Tidy livingroom- Done


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