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Anyone have scar tissue issues?

I have some scar tissue from my c-sections and it is incredibly painful.  I saw a doctor yesterday and am going to see my OB in a week or so.  I think the only solution is surgery, which I am not excited about.

Anyone have any experience with this?  Did you get relief?

Re: Anyone have scar tissue issues?

  • I don't scar well, which sucks, considering how many surgeries I've had!

    The scars I've had trouble with are all in bony areas (crook of my elbows and bask of my neck) so I don't know if the treatment is the same, but I've gotten cortisone shots to help soften them up and ease the discomfort.

    For about 6 months, I couldn't straighten my right arm, when an incision in the crook of my elbow healed too short! Half a dozen cortisone shots later, the skin stretched and softened enough that I have full movement again, but like I said, I don't know if it would work the same for the non-bony abdomen area!

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  • The doctor I saw yesterday had mentioned the shots.  I had three shots in that area previously, plus lidocaine (sp?) patches and none of that seemed to help (and it was really hard with my schedule to continue to go in and get shots).
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  • no advice, but man  that sucks. :(
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  • My cousin had a "minor" keloid scar result of her c-section.  They had to surgically remove it.  She had it done by a plastic surgeon because she said she felt they had more experience in treating an area so that the scar would minimize.  

    I don't know if this is what is going on for you, but I think you are taking the right steps in getting it treated/seeing a doctor.

    This was 3 years ago for he and now her scar is so much smaller and she says it feels really great, no issues.  She has super fair skin (shocking right?  someone related to me having fair skin, lol).  I think you have fair skin to, she was told that it is relatively common for those with fair skin to have trouble scarring. 

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  • I'm so sorry that it's still painful for you. My scar was a keloid and would be incredibly sensitive during my period. It would flare up and just feel very tender. I have no idea what helped ease it but it was just this past year that the swollenness of the keloid went down. I had also discussed with my doctor to do surgery to get rid of the scar tissue. :( Sorry I have no advice but here if you need me!
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