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Recommendation for Hospital in Studio City

Hi everybody!  Well, we are in the market for a good ob/gyn and delivery hospital.  Does anybody have any good recommendations? I guess the first thing to pick would be the hospital.  We live in Studio City.  Hospitals I know of are St. Joe's in Burbank, Valley Pres, and Good Samaritan (work is downtown so this might be a good option for appointments and such).

 Thank you in advance! 

Re: Recommendation for Hospital in Studio City

  • We are doing Tarzana, its close enough to Studio City and a great place:-)

     If you have an OB, see where he/she delivers...

  • If Good Sam is an option, I highly recommend my OB there - Dr. Dwight.  He's a supporter of natural birth and the Bradley method, and they have labor tubs there. 

    We live in Studio City, and it's only a 20 min drive for us.  Totally worth it.  GL!

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  • Thanks!  We are trying to narrow it down to a hospital first and then we'll pick an ob/gyn that does deliveries there (don't have an ob/gyn right now b/c I switched health care plans!).  

    Anybody used St. Joseph's in Burbank? 

  • I delivered in St. Joseph's in Burbank.  The delivery wings have been remodeled recently.  All are private rooms.  Your first room is huge! The staff varies but overall I had a good experience. I was there for 5 days (emergency c-section) so I saw a lot of different nurses.  They have a lactation consultant on staff and one of the nurses is also a certified LC.

    My one and only but big issue for me was that once your water brakes you must stay in bed. Some people may not care but I wanted to labor naturally... walking around, etc.  It is the hospital's policy and you can't really get away with it. 

    I'm sure this is the same policy for Providence in Tarzana.

    I know you didn't ask this but the pediatricians at Glendale Peds have privileges at St. Joe's. Big plus.

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