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water breaking

hey im 35 weeks pregnant with my first and i think (not sure) my water broke. I had a really long pee that was pretty clear it felt like a gush (also barely made it to the washroom) but no contractions. im a little freaked out cuz i have heard one to many "horror" stories from friends and family and their experiences lol also i should mention i lost my mucus plug last wednesday and read online that you could go into labour anytime after. Just wondering what i should do? If i should even be worried at all?

 Thanks could really use the advice :)

Re: water breaking

  • If you think your water broke call your OB/MW. You have 24 hours before infection could become a problem. So it is definitly worth the call to get checked out!
  • When my water broke i felt a pop and a huge gush, and it did not stop coming out of me until DS was born almost 11 hours later.

    are you leaking consistantly? if not it's probably not your water but you should see a doctor just to be sure

    btw mucous plugs can grow back, they can also come out in pieces so you might not have even lost the whole thing

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