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Childcare Braintree area

We live in Braintree and we are currently looking for childcare. I was curious if anyone knows what the going rate per hour would be for an infant. I was thinking a family daycare environment. thanks

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  • We're in Braintree as well.  I couldn't find any in home daycares that I wanted to look into so I looked at centers.  It's just under $400 a week for infants.
  • kindercare, bright horizons and goddard school all by the mall are going to be very expensie. Bright Horizons wanted $1300/mos for 3 days full time. I was working in BHOP at the time and MH and I decided to go with a center that was down the street from where we live and we pay half the price and its just as nice. Has the same curriculum and everything.

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  • We live in Braintree as well - so far we've talked to Bright Horizons, KinderCare, and Hugs Plus, and have visited Bright Horizons and Hugs Plus personally. 

    KinderCare quoted us $1244/month ;3 days week ($311/week)

    Bright Horizons told us $1291/month ;3 days week "full time" (6-9 hours)

    Hugs Plus was the lowest we found for the daycare centers, and probably the one we may be going with if we can't find anything else, at $1579 for 5 days, $1200 for 3 days... the major downside is that there's a waiting list for 3 and 2 day schedules, and they're not flexible - its MWF or TTh respectively.

    We tried getting a price and a visit out of Goddard but they haven't returned any of our phonecalls.

    We're also looking into homecare with a friend, and after looking at some Craigslist ads in the area, it appears as if $40-50/day might be a comfortable going rate.

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