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Update to Follie check

Ok, day 13 and I have two follicles in my right ovary, one at 20mm and one at 15.  One in my left but it is only 13.  E2 was at 95.

They are having me trigger tomorrow night. Yikes!  This will be the earliest I've EVER ovulated in my life.  Craziness.

I talked to her a while about triggering and how I thought my E2 levels were supposed to be at least 150 to trigger.  She said that some people don't trigger and we could try that if I wanted, but that sometimes people on Femara don't get high E2 levels and because my follicles were measuring the right size, her recommendation stays the same to trigger.  I'm just nervous that this triggering is forcing my body to do something it's not ready to do.  Does that make sense?  I never triggered in the past and have two healthy children. Sure, it sort of sucked to wait and be monitored every two days until I ovulated, but I wonder if that is a better route for me.  

Hmm, I guess I will trigger tomorrow as they said, but I do wonder about the estrogen level not being high enough.  Last time it went from 72 down to 34, then back up to 77 and then they triggered and I really felt like it was too early..... 

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  • Good Luck.  This is an art and I'd trust your doc. 
  • GL!
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  • Wishing you the best of luck!
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  • Usually I'd say WAIT WAIT WAIT but all of my theories have been blown out of the water.

    This time, resulting in a PG, I triggered on day 11. THAT'S INSANE! I wanted to wait, they told me no. My E2 was like 400.

    I agree, its a very very weird art, trust them as much as you can!
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