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Good Samaritan or St. Joseph's

Does anyone have an opinion on either hospital? I have to pick one of the two to deliver in and I have no idea which to pick.



Thanks for your help!

Re: Good Samaritan or St. Joseph's

  • I don't know any specifics about either hospital, but hospitals offer free tours of the labor and delivery floors as well as the nurseries so that you can get a feel for the hospital.  I would recommend taking tours in both of the hospitals and deciding from there.
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  • We are going to St. Joe's, and part of the reason is the great experience so many of our friends have had. They also have reasonably priced classes to take pre-baby, including breastfeeding, prepared childbirth, daddy boot camp, and you can pre-register and take a maternity tour before it's time to deliver.

     We have had friends do both traditional and high-risk deliveries there, and everyone says it's great! 

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  • i gave birth at good sam in lafayette and had a great experience.  we just picked the closest hospital to our house.  it's such a new facility and close by and we had a great experience.  would recomend.
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  • Thanks for info. I am going to take a tour of both in June and register at both that way whatever side of town I am on... I will be close to one hopefully!
  • I'd recommend St. Joe's. I have many nurse-friends who have delivered there and were very happy, one of which chose it over Good Sam, even though she lives in Arvada. The NICU is much better, which was her deciding factor. 
  • I just delivered my 2nd at St. Joe's (see ticker!) and my 1st was a NICU baby ~ they're great! However, I have also heard great things about Good Sam's as well. So, I guess I'm no help...tour both and then decide.
  • My oldest was born (who is almost 4) at Good Sams so was my Niece (who is now almost 5).


    My sister and I really enjoyed the staff and the hospital they were great. I have been to st. Joesph's when I had a miscarriage and was treated horrible there so i refused to give birth to my children there or even go there again. Not sure if it would have made a difference since i was in the ER for the miscarriage or if i would have been in the Delivery Department. But It was horrible for me.

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  • If any of you had a natural birth at either of these places with a supportive and great kaiser OB, will you tell me the name? I am switching insurance in my THIRD trimester to Kaiser, so - while I'm sure the docs are all great and supportive - I have not much time to shop around. :D
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