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What did you/will you wear to your shower?

link in post if possible please  Smile

Re: What did you/will you wear to your shower?

  • had my shower at about 25 weeks and since nothing fit i got a cuuute top and maternity jeans...


    BUT my BFF who was throwing the shower made shirts!

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    they were soooo freakin cute and all on cute matching gray shirts. i am so mad that i cannot wear mine anymore!  

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  • ougrad1ougrad1
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    Jeans and really cute maternity top with my first.



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  • I wore a dress I got from Target for $24.99.  I don't know why I'm having trouble getting a link to the exact dress but it was called Liz Lange for Target Maternity Floral Print Puff Sleeve Dress.  It wasn't anything too exciting but I only wore the dress once so I'm glad I didn't spend a lot of $!  Target has quite a few cute dresses for cheap.
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  • benkaribenkari member

    I had capris and a top.  Not much to choose from when you live way up here 2 hours from the closest mall or when you are sooooo huge!  Here's a pic from the shower.  I was 24 weeks...8 weeks before delivery day!


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  • jbl126jbl126
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    A dress from the GAP with flip flops as none of my other shoes fit and I was lucky to get my feet in them.

  • My shower is next Saturday and I'm going to be wearing capri's and a cute maternity tank with flip flops. I want to look cute but at the same time be really super comfy.

  • I wore a cute dress with boots because it was winter.
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  • Thanks, girls! I bought a silky/flowy shirt from target today and plan to wear it with khaki capris and flip flops/sandals.


  • Excellent question.  My shower is this weekend, and I'm having the hardest time picking something out.  Dresses are most comfortable and most appropriate (both for the occasion and season), but I look/feel HUGE in a dress.  I'll be slightly uncomfortable in jeans if it means I don't feel like a circus freak with the giant tummy.  Plus, I'm a firm believer that pregnant people can wear whatever the hell they want. Smile
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