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I was just wondering if any of you may be able to help me out a little bit. My husband is currently at Basic (two weeks into it) and I just found out on the 28th that I am expecting.  I was wondering if any of you were in the same/similar boat and how you told your significant other the big news. 

Did you tell him in a letter?  Did you wait until you got a phone call?  How far along were you when you finally did tell him?


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  • Congrats!!

    I wasn't in that situation, but what about sending him a letter with "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL ON THE PHONE" and then you can be on the phone when he opens it?

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  • The thing that has me worried about waiting until a phone call is that I may not even get another one before he is about to graduate on July 23rd.  I just do not know the best way to go about this.  Knowing and not being able to pass on the news to him is stressful. 

    Thank you for your idea and it would be such a good idea! I may just do it in the hope of a phone call. 

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  • You will get a phone call..promise. The last couple days is pretty much winding down and getting gear ready to go. Lot's of downtime.
  • I found out I was pg with #4 two weeks after DH left for a deployment.  I waited until he called. 

    I think I would do the same if I was in your shoes.  J wouldn't want to find that out in a letter because he would have so many questions and who knows when he would be able to call.  I would just wait until you get to talk to him on the phone.  I also wouldn't tell family yet.  Someone might send him a letter telling him congrats.  You wan't to be the first to tell him

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  • We found out one week before H left for BCT. If I hadn't found out before he left, I would have waited for a phone call. I got 3 calls before he received his first letter. It takes a while to get an address and then when you do start sending mail, they have to screen it, then they hold it for a while before actually passing it out. H left on Mother's Day and *just* got his first letters this past week.

    Anyways, congrats! PM me if you want someone to talk to. It is hard enough missing your DH, then you get all the PG hormones added on. Fun stuff, but you learn to cope eventually.

  • I just asked my husband about this and he said that he would rather find out in a phone call. He said he would have more questions and stuff and he would want to talk to me ASAP. It would annoy the crap out of him in a letter. 
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