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Tort/head lag update

So glad I went for another opinion. I went to a pedi PT, and found out that the stretches/exercises that the first one gave me were all WRONG. Everything was backwards, like the stretches were for the wrong side of his neck! I figured that out after our first meeting with him, and that is why I went to the chiro afterwards.

Anyways, it's not true torticollis that he has. It's mainly a weak muscle on the right side, and the left is a bit tight. She was very good at explaining everything, and I learned the correct way to be stretching and strengthening his muscles. 

We go in next week for a follow-up. :)

Re: Tort/head lag update

  • slukd79slukd79 member
    Good for you! It is important to understand the why behind what you are doing. And it sounds like your new PT explained it much better.
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