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Rehoming our cat

My ILs offered to take our cat -- the one that keeps peeing everywhere since having Natalie.  The peeing incidents have not been getting better and I can't take it anymore.  I don't see this improving as Claire starts becoming mobile.  My FIL is home almost all day so he'll be able to spend a lot of time with her.  I think she's craving more attention than we're able to give at this stage.  And of course, my ILs have no small children to stress her out.  They're in town now for Natalie's birthday so they're going to fly home with her on Monday.  I'm sad that we're going this route but relieved that we're not having to rehome her with strangers and take the chance that they give her away or put her down.  Crying
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Re: Rehoming our cat

  • I bet that was a hard decision.  I can't imagine but I think this is the best situation for the cat and you guys.  When we were coming up to NC, my aunts kept my DH's cat for 3 months prior to our move.  The week before we were coming up to NC, they asked if they could keep her.  They fell in love w/ her and she was very well taken care of.  It was a little sad but my aunts loved her.  She passed away about 2 years ago from a tumor.  Sad
  • i think that is so nice of them!  i'm usually against rehoming animals but in a case like yours, i think it's what's best for everyone! 


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  • I have been trying to rehome my cats for almost 3 years for the exact same reason.  I have had NO luck.  I've was very reserved about who they would go to for the longest time.  Now I'm just desperate and have been blasting Craigslist with adds for them.  I absolutely know how you feel!!  Big hugs!!  I'm so glad to know your kitty is going somewhere where she will be well taken care of and loved!
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  • YAY!  So glad this worked out for you--sounds like the best solution all around.

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  • imageflamencogal:
    YAY!  So glad this worked out for you--sounds like the best solution all around.

    I agree! :)

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  • I'm very much against rehoming animals in general, but it sounds like that she is still going to be part of your family and seems to be a better situation for everyone. Glad it worked out for you!
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