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First Time Mommy!

So yesterday was my first ultrasound, what an amazing thing! It was the first time it actually all felt very real to me! Although the early first trimester symptoms feel very real to me as well! I was hoping to meet new moms out in the Maine area, ive lived here 2 years, recently just got married and my husband is from her, but i know that i will be looking for a new circle of friends myself along the way. Im hoping to connect with people from here so i can gain advice, and weight along side someone!! Hope all is well with everyone, and heres to a very healthy new year year for us all!



Re: First Time Mommy!

  • Welcome and congrats! We have actually all stayed on the nest Maine and board so come on over. Those that have kids or are expecting didn't want to leave the group. I moved up here 4 years ago and the group of girls are great, we have lots of get togethers
  • Hi!  I live in Brunswick and am a first time Mom too!  I don't know anybody that's pregnant right now and that's tough!  Lots of my friends recently had babies so they are great resources but it would be fun to connect with somebody going through it all!  When are you due?

    -Amber :)

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  • i didn't think i would find anyone on this board! it had been dead a few weeks ago when i checked. i'm 7 weeks, and i live waaaayyy up in mapleton (by presque isle)  i usually am on the august birth month board, and 1st tri
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  • Hi All,

     Just checking in to see if anyone's still reading the Maine boards :)

     I am 7 weeks pregnant, due in mid-October, and a first-time mommy. 

    I'd love to connect with other local moms and moms to be.  We're currently interviewing midwives and plan on having a homebirth.

     Super excited to be a mom and trying to enjoy the beginning of this pregnancy even though it hasn't been without a little nausea. ;)

     If you're out there, I'd love to hear from you!

  • Hi MsVernon,

     I am also a first time mom (due August 31st) so I'm 14 weeks as of now.  I have no idea what I'm doing and kind of enjoying learning something new everyday!  How are you feeling?  I started to feel better this week so hopefully things are looking up!



  • Hello Everyone!


    I am also a first time mommy... and to be perfectly honest... it was a little bit of a surprise for both me and my husband!  I just had a positive pregnancy test (actually, about 5 positive pregnancy tests) and I'm wondering what my next step should be... I obviously know that I need to schedule a doctors appointment, but what should I do?? 

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  • MA&CBMA&CB member
    If you guys are looking for an active Maine board, we're all on the Maine Nest board.  There are tons of local moms and mom-to-be on there, and we have regular GTG's.  Come join us over there!
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