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Scripps childbirth classes

Morning everyone.

Just a quick question if anyone has gone through the Scripps childbirth classes. I'm trying to decide if we should do the class.


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Re: Scripps childbirth classes

  • Yes, I just completed the 4 week course and it was pretty good actually. I have been reading the baby books all along so it wasnt really any info that was shocking or too unknown.

    The last 2 classes are good because you practice birthing positions, breathing, partner roles etc.

    The classes were a bit long (6:30-9:00) but overall pretty good!

     The breastfeeding class Scripss offers is a really good 1 day class.

     Good luck!

  • I did many of them.  The 4 week one was pretty good...too long (I would have done the abbreviated one if I had to do it over), the breastfeeding one, infant cpr, taking care of baby and dogs and babies.  Dogs and babies was the best (if you have a dog).  They were ok. 

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  • Thanks ladies. I have been doing the reading and researching, but I realized that my husband isn't getting as much out of it when I tell him things. Figured the classes would be definitely more beneficial for him.

    Thank you for your input!

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  • We plan to do the 2-part Get Ready for Baby class and of course, the tour. I may do a b/f class but my OB said they can go over some of the material in my next few appts if I don't do the delivery class.

    I did not know they had a dog and baby class--is that in LJ?

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  • I signed up for our classes!

    FYI if you're a Scripps employee you get a discount on the classes Big Smile

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