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4 Month Stats & Move!

Well, we have made it!  My husband and I drove all the way from Florida to Northern Virginia and we arrived in one piece!  Our little guy was a champ, he slept most of the time, waking up about every 3-4 hours to eat.  I am so happy to be at our new home, and have the long drive behind us.

Our DS also had his 4 month appointment.  15 lbs, 8 ounces, and 24.5 inches!!  He also decided that he was going to show off for the doctor, and he pushed off of his chest while on his tummy.  He had never done that for me before then.  Our doctor was really happy with his progress and said his social skills, and motor skills are doing really well.  We have to go visit a pulmonologist to see about Synagis but other than that, everything is good.  Just wanted to share!

Re: 4 Month Stats & Move!

  • where abouts in Northern Virginia? DH and I live in Winchester but DS was in Fairfax Children's up until  last week. We are now in PA at Children's Hospital of Philly
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  • Welcome to NOVA - I'm in Alexandria.  BTW do you need any Neosure?  I have two cans we won't ever use.
  • Millbug - Thanks for the offer, but my DS is on regular formula (Good Start).  Thanks though!
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