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need suggestions: helping them learn to pull up

I'm starting to get a bit nervous because my boys aren't pulling themselves up into either a sitting or standing position, and I see other preemies that are a bit younger than them (by adjusted age) pulling up all over the place and even starting to cruise a bit.

So do any of you have any suggestions on activities I can do with them to help them realize that they can pull themselves up? They aren't far enough behind to qualify for PT or OT, so I don't know any of the tricks that the PT magicians use.


Re: need suggestions: helping them learn to pull up

  • Do you have a low table or a play table that they can reach with their hands while sitting?  If you do than you can try a couple of things to encourage pull to stand -

       - have them sit on the edge of a stool or your knee and hold onto the edge of the table.  Once they are holding onto the table, gently push up thier butt so they can stand up.   Try doing this several times so they can start building up those muscles.
       - have them kneel at the table and hold on to it.  You can bring up one knee (one knee is up and the other is on the ground) and then gently push their bottom up so they pull up the other leg and then stand.

    If you put exciting things on the table and work with them to pull up than they hopefully will start getting the hang of it.   They probably just need to realize just how cool it is to stand up :)   Practice and reptition will help build the muscles they need to pull to a standing position.   

    For everything PT related I always try and do it myself first so that I understand what muscles are used and how one part has to move before the other.  Once they get the hang of pulling to stand with help than you can encourage them to do squat to stand by themselves.  

    I hope that helps and makes sense.  If it doesn't than just let me know and I'll try to explain better.

    I'll try to post about cruising soon!

  • We have the Leap Frog Learn & Groove table and Drake loves it!  He is almost pulling himself up on it but he will stand at it for quite a while before needing to be bailed out or just falling to his butt.  

    He tries to cruise a little when he's not thinking about it.  Our OT told us to use a baby mirror (with stuff on it that they like to play with) and have them hold on to the couch while you hold the mirror and move it a little.  DH said Drake was doing great with that but I haven't tried it yet.

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