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Avery Jane's Birth - Induction

Well, surprisingly, I have a great induction success story!

I was actually induced on her due date, April 10th - my doctor suggested it, and I was rather against it at first, except that I was MISERABLE and finally said let's go for it.  My plan was completely opposite what we did - I planned for a natural birth, to labor at home as long as possible, then go to the hospital.  Oh well.

I went in on the morning of the 10th, and they started me on Pitocin around 8:30am.  At around 10am, the doctor broke my water, and things really got going from there.  I've never experienced a natural birth, so I'm not sure what contractions feel like with that, but I will tell you I have a pretty high pain tolerance, and the pitocin paired with having my water broken was sheer horror.  I could hardly breathe through my contractions and about ripped my DHs hands off.  It's really unlike me to cry out in pain or to ask for help....but I ended up losing it and begging my DH to please help me.  I asked the nurse for the epidural, and she said great, but that I had to get like 2 bags of fluid through my IV first.  I almost died.  I really could not wait.  Halfway through the first bag, I was begging my DH again to PLEASE GOD HELP ME....and he ran out to the nurses station and made it happen.  Love him!

They cheated on the bags of fluid, the anesthesiologist came in right away and administered the epi, which I don't really remember since I was using all my power to not move with my contractions while he was putting it in.

I was finally much more comfortable, so my DH and parents went to the cafeteria at my urging to have some lunch.  It was 12:30.  Half an hour later, the nurse noticed I was making faces with each contraction and asked if I was OK.  I said, yeah, but I am feeling them again...not as bad as before, but I'm definitely feeling them.  She quickly checked me and said my daughter's head was right there.  So great - I'm thinking my DH and parents will miss the birth...I call DH and he had turned his phone off.  My father thank goodness had his on and I told him to get up here right now I was going to start pushing. 

long story short, she popped out at 2:13pm!  I had like one stitch, and a very good recovery.  It was a great induction, and I was so surprised.  I was really scared that being induced would lead to a C-section, but everything worked out wonderfully.  I hope for anyone getting induced, it turns out as great as mine did.  And take my advice, get the epidural a little earlier than you think you need it!


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