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So much for Hypnobabies Natural Birth--Birth Story

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I woke up last Friday at 5 AM and went to the bathroom. I got back into bed and my water broke. I jumped out of bed since I did not want to ruin my mattress. (I definitely recommend keeping towels by your bed since it was amazing the amount of fluid that came out. A nurse told me it is about 2 litters.)
I was in shock since I was only at 37 weeks and since this is my first baby I thought I would be overdue. I woke up DH and he called my midwife. She said I could labor at home until the contractions were two to three minutes apart.
I had taken a Hypnobabies course so I used relaxation exercises to stay calm. DH even put on his CD from the course to help him stay calm. I was not feeling any contractions. Just continuous light period-like cramps.
We started running around the house finishing packing (which we had planned to do that Saturday).
At 6 AM I started having contractions and they quickly built to 2 to 3 minutes apart by 7 AM. I jumped in the shower. I even begged DH to remove my old toe nail polish. (So much for that pedicure planned for the next week.)
I put on my headphones and started listening to my Hypnobabies CD as we jumped in the car. DH stopped for donuts for the nurses. (Birth instructor suggested we do something nice for the nurses.)
We arrived at the hospital by 8:30 AM. I went to sign in and the nurse at the front desk asked if I was there for an appointment. He was surprised when I told him I was in labor since I looked so calm.
We were taken back and they started monitoring me. I kept my headphones on. The nurse had to watch the monitor to tell if I was having a contraction. I just looked too peaceful. I kept telling myself every contraction is one less and brings me closer to seeing my baby.
My midwife arrived and wanted to do an u/s to confirm the baby was still in head down position. She had been in that position for every appointment since 30 weeks so I was not concerned.
I could not believe it when the mw tells me that Natalie was now breeched. Since my water had broken there was really no time to mess with trying to turn her. She said we could try a trial labor to see if it changes, but she wanted to do an internal to check where the baby exactly was. She did the internal and tells me I am 3 CM dialated, 100% effaced. But, the baby's foot was already coming down the birth canal.
She told me we had to do a c-section. I was heart-broken. I really wanted to have a natural birth. I wanted to hold my baby as soon as she came out. I had done all this preparation to help that happen.
I decided to have a spinal so the baby would be more awake for bfing right after birth. My midwife is actually the midwife for my birth instructor so she knew Hypnobabies. She helped me go into hypnosis so I would not be so frightened and not be in pain while I got the spinal.
Everyone was impressed how calm I got. They broguht DH in. They started working on me and told me that DD had the cord wrapped three times around her neck. She was totally tangled. DD had flipped to breech since my one vertebrae sticks out too much. The surgeon and the midwife told me I will always need c-sections. There is just no room. Thank goodness I live in modern times since before c-sections; mothers and babies died in labor in situations like this according to my surgeon.
After two minutes of surgery they brought over my daughter. She opened her eyes as I talked to her. They let me give her a kiss and her and DH went to recovery to wait for me.
She was alert in recovery and I was able to start bfing. Recovery from the c-section has not been easy. I want to jump up and take care of my baby. Bfing has been challenging trying to find a comfortable position. But, we have caught on.
I am upset I will never get my natural birth; but I have a wonderful baby. The surgeon told me it is a good lesson for parenthood--expect the unexpected.

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    Congrats on your baby girl!

    I can imagine that would be disapointing by at least the end result is the same. ; )

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  • Congrats! Sounds like you had an amazing birth-calm and relaxed as much as possible. I'm planning on a hypnobabies birth too so thank you for posting!
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  • Sounds like hypnobabies did work for you - you were very relaxed in a stressful situation.  Congrats.

    Don't rule out a VBAC - a different OB that is experienced in VBACs might give you a different opinion in the future. 

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