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Scoliosis w/ Fused Rod pregnancy & labor!??!

Hi there...I'm a newbie here and wanted to post a quick message...Anyone have scoliosis (w/ a fused rod in their back) and been pregant, been through labor? I had a rod fused to my spine back in 97' and at that time they told me I would not be able to have an epidural or possible nature birth at all.....I wanted to see if anyone out there has been through this....there is not alot of research/articles on this topic. Thanks!

Re: Scoliosis w/ Fused Rod pregnancy & labor!??!

  • I actually just logged on here to post a nearly identical question.

    I have totally untreated scoliosis. They discovered it too late for a brace to do any good, and I haven't had it checked in a while. DH and I plan to start TTC this fall/winter. I was just sitting here looking for info on this too. With no luck. So again, any help would be appreciated, and flygirl, if you find anything please e-mail it to me at [email protected]

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  • I had herrington rods put in when I was 12 or 13 years old. I had a natural delivery in 2006 by choice, I didn't plan to use an epidural but I would have had that option had I wanted it. The doctor needed an x-ray of my back to see where the rods where though - if you have an old x-ray from 97, it would probably work (my old x-rays did).
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  • I'm glad to see this post.  I had surgery for scoliosis 15 years ago and DH and I are now thinking of TTC.  I went to the gyno and she said there are some anesthisiologists can can get the epi in, but she said that I should have an elective c-section ( I don't like that idea at all and probably will find someone else to go to once we really get to trying).  The surgeon that did the surgery told me that no one could ever touch my spine so I guess I'm hoping for a natural birth.

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